History about the watches

On the market now is the watch for the quality-conscious customer, which will come up to its expectations. Centred on durable quality with a similar dashing Danish design, the watches are manufactured with Ronda Swiss Clockwork that is made in Switzerland. Moreover, the glass is made out of the well-known and exclusive sapphire crystal, which is a suitable material since it has upmarket transmission qualities. This contributes to a strong watch that is hard to scratch. To ensure the quality, the watch is designed and packed In Denmark. There is no excuse for the quality-conscious customer – Ebert Watches is for customers, who will not compromise with high quality and dashing design.

About Ebert Denmark

The firm Ebert DK is named after the local famous bakery in the small Northern Jutlandic village Hellum. The bakery opened up for the first time in 1959, where masses of Danish quality bread and cakes were passed on to excited customers. In particular, the Danish pastry, known as the sticky bun, created an inrush of visitors for the small bakery in Hellum. Unfortunately, the bakery had to close down in 1995 owing to critical illness. A truthful story, which has inspired to continue a family tradition of good Danish quality, but in the field of watches.